The Rest of Activism

The Rest of Activism is a burnout prevention and recovery programme supporting world healers and changers.

I am proud to be part of a team of facilitators from around the world running weekly 30 minute sessions.

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With a focus on the climate crisis, but open to all justice-focused activists, we meet each week with structured online space, workshops and guest speakers to help us… 
  • Wake up with a deep sense of purpose and awe of the world around us every morning.
  • Grow in fierce love of this world every day, without feeling that the action we take is also taking over our lives.
  • Finish our days with deep gratitude, even amid all that is uncertain.
The Rest of Activism is your gateway to everything resilience-building. If your love and passion to bring positive change in the world is is taking it’s toll, we’re here for you.

From mindfulness to nature connection to body work, grief tending, self-compassion, healthy boundaries, community care, coaching techniques and so much more, here you will find the resourcing you need to find balance and restore the deep sense of joy that can lost in the pain we feel for the world.

Maybe you already have practices that support you, perhaps you’ve read some great books or maybe you’ve experienced how powerful it can be to share your grief for the world in community before. But for many of us, this isn’t enough.

For many of us, we need regular resourcing and a supportive community around us, week in, and week out.

If you still wake up hungry for joy, if you struggle to navigate the complex emotions that trying to bring change in the world can bring, or if you’re feeling alone in it all, we invite you to give The Rest of Activism a go. 

Join the Rest of Activism

Find out more and sign up on the Rest of Activism website, and use the code PETER50 to receive 50% off your monthly membership.