Resource library

I regularly use resources to support my work – tools, frameworks, games – whether I have developed them myself, adapted them from the work of others, or used what has already been created.

Here are some of my favourites. Some are restricted by the copyright of the original developers. The resources developed by me are anti-copyright, and you are free to copy, adapt and distribute them as long as the final work remains anti-copyright.


  • The Myth of Doing Nothing
    My TedX talk on the importance of prioritising resilience to avoid burnout, and the patterns that can learn to change to make it happen.
  • Burnout ratings scale – Katrina Shields (download)
    This is useful to complete regularly (e.g. every month or two) to notice patterns and changes over time. Don’t focus too much on the numbers, it’s entirely relative, but it’s helpful for taking time to check-in with yourself. Change the language, add questions, make it work for you.
  • Resilience tree (download)
    The Resilience Tree invites you to consider your roots (what gives you energy, direction, joy etc.) and fruits (what a resilient you is able to do) of resilience.
  • Burnout drivers (download)
    What are the internal messages that push you towards unachievable goals? Are you giving these messages to others?
  • Inner Transition
    Personal and group resilience resources, including conflict resolution and more exploring the changes we need to make within ourselves to transition to the more caring, equitable, beautiful, sustainable and resilient world our hearts are longing for.
  • Hell Yeah Self Care (download)
    An amazing zine by Meg-John Barker
  • Finding Steady Ground
    7 behaviours we can use right away to strengthen ourselves, so we can keep taking more and more powerful and strategic actions.
  • Stress, Coping and Resilience
    Visual guidance created by Hazel White and the Scottish Quality and Safety Fellowship Programme (SQS Fellowship).

Networks and Governance

  • Converge
    A network training toolkit, including templates and guides
  • Unlocking Networks
    A comprehensive toolkit with resources and case studies for network builders.
  • Université de Nous
    A fantastic resource of governance guides and toolkits (French).

Uncertainty and Systems thinking

  • Loopy
    A simple to use online tool for thinking in systems.
  • Untools
    A collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.
  • The Bicycle and the Cyclist (download)
    A useful metaphor to explain the difference between complicated and complex systems.
  • Positive Tipping Points
    An emerging academic framework for understanding how systems can shift seemingly rapidly.

Coaching and Facilitation

  • Navigate
    A comprehensive library of tools for facilitation, power dynamics, running workshops and much more.
  • Climate Coaching Alliance Seedbank
    A free space to share specific learning in the context of climate/ecological crisis coaching.
  • Resonance and Dissonance (download)
    A tool adapted from Climate Coaching, to explore the balance between being and doing, and where you are finding resonance or dissonance