What to expect

I offer facilitation that is designed to create spaces – virtual or physical – in which new ideas can be explored, existing tensions can be surfaced, and collaboration can thrive.

I work from the understanding that systems are incredibly powerful, and if their potential can be unlocked, then transformational impacts are possible. This can come from setting the right boundaries, or approaching problems from a specific perspective, in order to enable teams or groups to collaborate in new ways and create new value.

All of my facilitation work is designed to increase resilience within existing systems, so that they can become more self-reliant in the future and find new patterns that can be applied and improved after the facilitation has taken place.

If you have a challenge that requires clear and compassionate facilitation, I would love to hear from you

Types of facilitation

Facilitation can take many forms, each one unique to the context it is used in.

I am experienced in a variety of spaces and situations, each one requiring a unique approach to the dynamics at play and the desired outcomes.


I facilitate effective meetings, where everyone’s role is acknowledged and decision making processes are clear and inclusive.


For event facilitation, I focus on the required outcomes, and create a structure that takes participants on an engaging journey to get there.


I am able to facilitate strategic and team-building processes within organisations and groups, in which all voices are heard and clear outputs are created.

What people say about me

The thing that stands out about Peter most for me, is his ability to make every participant feel heard, included and validated. I don’t know anyone who is as skilled at reading a room than Peter is, regardless of whether that room is physical or virtual, and I don’t know anyone else who can pick up on, and navigate between the various needs of individuals in a group in the way that he does.

Channa van Leijsen

Research Manager, Eden Project Communities

Peter took time to prepare with me so we could facilitate together and I could learn from his experience. The workshop went down really well with participants, and was interactive; striking a balance between group discussions and personal reflection. I came away feeling confident to facilitate more sessions like this by myself. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Peter again on a workshop, and would highly recommend his skills as a facilitator.

Henri Owen

Lead Coordinator, CAG Oxfordshire


Facilitation is always a bespoke service, and so the price is variable according to both the value it represents to you and the capacity it requires from me. My day rate, which includes preparation, delivery, and reflection, ranges from £200 to £840.

If you have a process, event, or anything else that needs facilitation, let me know and we can make it possible.