What to expect

I am a trained coach, and work with individuals within climate or social change systems and organisations. I focus on supporting clients to find resonance, either in their work, or personal lives, or both, to help them navigate the confusing and often exhausting realities of creating social change.

Coaching is about supporting a process of change, in any part of your life. Through reflection, feedback, and insightful frameworks, new perspectives can be found to cultivate effective solutions to the challenges you are facing.

This could be about a particular decision, or a change, or simply staying with the work and reconnecting with what gives you energy. I will create a process for you that reflects your needs, and is responsive to the goals you have identified.

Our sessions will begin with an establishment of your goals, whether they feel clear or in need of more illumination. Over a series of confidential and reflective sessions, I will create a space in which you can explore the underlying patterns and systems that are in your way.

Effective coaching can dramatically affect our relationships with complex systems, whether personal, interpersonal, or our connection to the wider world. If you would like to arrange a free, no-commitment taster session, please get in touch.

How coaching works

Coaching is a highly flexible process, and within the boundaries of creating a safe and clear environment I am happy to adapt the format to create an offer that best fits what you need.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please get in touch.

Session length

Coaching sessions usually last 1 hour. Depending on your needs, this can be flexible between 45 minutes and 2 hours.


Most coaching sessions take place online, over Zoom. If you are based in Cornwall, UK, then in person sessions are possible. Please get in touch to discuss.

Number of sessions

We can agree on a fixed number of sessions, or a more emergent approach, depending on your needs.

What people say about me

The process definitely helped create greater clarity for me, but not necessarily in the way I anticipated! Peter is empathetic, attuned and interested. He does a great job of creating space to listen, understand and respond in a compassionate way, while still focusing things and creating clarity where needed. The process felt safe whilst being firmly exploratory.


Coaching client

Peter held a clear, focused space in which I could reflect and pay attention to what I was experiencing and set intentions for the next phase. He tracked my jumping ideas and stories with apparent ease and asked great questions to help me step back from the immediate and consider what was different or needed to be different and how I might create the conditions in which I wanted to work.


Coaching client


For coaching, I believe that its hugely transformative potential should be accessible to as many people as possible. I want to reflect that different levels of income, and the value society currently places on work for positive change, may not necessarily reflect the true value of the work to society.

I have a sliding scale from at least £20 a session for those on little or no income, up to £100 a session for those who are more resourced, or who are being supported by their employer. If you are considering me as a coach, I welcome a conversation about what feels comfortable for you.