About Peter

My background

I have been working in response to the climate crisis for over 15 years, predominantly as a network builder and campaigner. I have been part of large and small organisations and teams, including the Eden Project and the University of Exeter, and co-chair of the international Transition Network.

I have focused specifically on complex systems, large and small, and how they inform our work, how they shape us, and how we can identify patterns and frameworks to better understand and influence them.

I’m based in Cornwall, in the South West of the UK, and outside of work I spend as much time as possible in nature – whether in the sea or out for a run. I am able to travel for significant projects, and always open to working online.

I’m passionate about working in collaboration with others to resource the changes we need, bringing people together, finding commonality and building resilience in individuals and organisations. Find out more on this site about the services I can provide and don’t hesitate to get in touch for any further enquiries.

My approach

I am looking to work with those who are dedicated to transformative change in our environmental and social systems. I’m open to different interpretations of what that might look like, acknowledging my own assumptions and privileges.

I like to use resources and structures, such as games and frameworks, to unlock new ways of thinking and to bring elements of play and excitement into the process of change.

My work is shaped around helping clients through different aspects of exploring and working with complex systems:


Our ability to respond to shocks, and to keep parts of us intact while reshaping what we can to respond to the new system.


The way value moves between different parts of a system, and how we can cultivate the infrastructure to create the value we need.


The structures we create to hold and distribute power within a system, and the boundaries that give our collaboration purpose and clarity.


How we navigate systems in which there are no correct answers, without oversimplifying our actions and their potential consequences.

My influences

My approach has been cultivated over time, and influenced by the tireless and inspirational work of others.

Many of my influences are unconscious, having worked on complex systems and social change with thousands of people from all across the world.

But I find myself regularly returning to a few notable individuals and organisations for new and old ideas and ways of being and doing.

I’m always keen to discuss these inspirations, and find new ones. I’d love to hear from you, please do get in touch.

adrienne maree brown


Climate change coaches


Converge / Impact Networks


Doughnut Economics Action Lab


Eco Dharma


Inner Transition


My pricing structure

As a result of working specifically with other individuals and organisations committed to a resilient and just society, I am aware that working in different contexts brings different budgets. I encourage an open conversation about the value of my work to you and what you are hoping to achieve, and what that means for how much I charge.

I also acknowledge that talking about money can be difficult, and can create or bring up personal and organisational tensions. To help with this, for each of my services I have outlined where an agreed price might be found. This is just a starting point, and I welcome enquiries from those with little or no budget, and those who can pay more and therefore resource my work for others. The most important outcome is that we are all sustained and able to contribute to the work.